Bankruptcy isn't shameful.

I am embarrassed to file bankruptcy, this is against my moral compass, my parents would be ashamed,  I shouldn't be here I just don't know what else to do”. We hear these statements all the time. It is a personal thing to file bankruptcy, and we understand, some people don't feel it is right. We don't judge, we offer solutions.

Bankruptcy is a strategic financial decision used to eliminate debt, stress, and allow you to feel whole again. Larger than life people including some well-known celebrities with seemingly large sums of money have filed bankruptcy to get back on their feet. Large corporations use bankruptcy to restructure their debt allowing their operations to continue. These parties seemingly have unlimited resources and still utilize the process. Why? Because it makes financial sense. Why struggle when you don't have to with worrisome debt?

The reality is that debt can come about in ways which are unanticipated and way beyond our control – divorce, large credit card debt, medical bills, job loss, business failure, death of a spouse and taxes to name a few. Living from paycheck to paycheck is hard enough without unpredictable events taking more money from your wallet. If you are feeling overwhelmed, give us a call. We can help.

Bankruptcy is complex. Know your options.

Bankruptcy is a complex area of practice. Laura has been practicing bankruptcy law in Oregon for over 15 years. She is familiar with the expectations of our local judges, trustees and individuals who you will meet during the process. We will explain what roles these people have and what they expect of you along the way. This can vary depending on which state and county they are located. 

There are multiple bankruptcy chapters available to you. Filing bankruptcy without a clear understanding of their differences can cost you valuable time, money and property. Exemption statutes (protections for property) are available under state and federal law. Knowing which chapter of bankruptcy to file and exemptions to utilize are determinations not to be taken likely. Bankruptcy petition preparers advertise on the web and are less costly than attorneys. However, they cannot give legal advice and often exempt property improperly. This results in the need for an experienced attorney to navigate and unwind the taking of your property by the Trustee.   

Our no-obligation consultations allow us to ask distinct questions and anticipate issues that may arise before we file your case and discuss those with you. No one likes surprises, especially if they involve the taking of your property. We encourage you to meet the attorney you choose to work with and decide if you like them. Any legal process requires the utmost trust and confidence between yourself and your attorney. From the initial office conference through your hearing our goal is your financial security. We are with you every step of the way.